Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jessica Alba Traumatised at the SPA

Jessica Alba got the shock of her life upon entering a local SPA while in Europe. Apparently she didn’t know that people do the whole SPA thing while naked… In a recent interview Jessica said:

“I went to a spa and it was so traumatic because no one was wearing a suit in the Jacuzzi. It was gross!

I’m not sitting with a bunch of people with their business hanging out!”

Jessica added that she always keeps her curvaceous figure covered up because she doesn’t like being leered at.

“I don’t put it out there. I stay away from super-high heels, super-short skirts, revealing tops.

I know what kind of attention you get from that and it’s not the kind I want.”

When asked about her relationships with Cash Warren, Jessica admitted that the Hollywood relationship is hard to maintain.

“I’m not the easiest person to hang with all the time. I’m away a lot and it’s an unconventional life.“

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