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'Project Runway' Episode Recap: 'Sew Me What You Got'

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'Project Runway' Episode Recap: 'Sew Me What You Got'
The first episode of "Project Runway's" fourth season asked its viewers to text in their favorite part of the show. Is it the diva designers, runway walk-offs, catty judges or Tim Gunn that makes them come back each week?

The overwhelming winner was Mr. "Make-it-work" himself. But it's a tough call. Each has been equally enthralling, hilarious and inspiring over the past three years. The new season doesn't disappoint. The characters, like the show itself, are equally enthralling, hilarious and inspiring (not to mention just plain wacky).

For their first challenge, the designers are given $50,000 worth of fine fabrics and are asked to make whatever outfit best describes their fashion point-of-view. As one of the competitors puts it, "The challenge is, 'Who are you?' And that's, like, a philosophical question."

Rami Kashou walked away the winner of the first episode. From the beginning he touts the fact that he made a dress for Jessica Alba. He brags about his ability to "mix feminine with edgy." Tim Gunn calls his dress-in-progress "stunning." Unless he screws this up royally, he'll likely end up in the show's top three.

It seems like the costumes Chris March designed pre-show are larger than life. His bubbly personality make him a prospect for fan-favorite, but something tells us he'll end up suffering the same fate as over-the-top Cane from season three.

Twenty-one-year-old Christian Siriano, with his Paris Hilton sunglasses and snarky attitude, grates on our nerves already. His design did land him in the top three, but the look on his face when he wasn't crowned the victor was unnerving. He argues with Lord Gunn. He claims that "there's some hand-sewn crap" in the design room. Where's Laura Bennett from season three to put him in his place when you need her?

Carmen Webber, a former model, looks to be the obvious "edgy" voice of the bunch. Five minutes after the first episode however, her Mohawk seems more memorable than her design.

Ralph Lauren designer Jillian Lewis creates a dramatic, brightly colored piece for the first challenge that looks the most couture-ish of them all. She fails to make it to the top three however, only making us want her to succeed more.

Kit "Pistol" Scarbo calls her unusual name like her own "Mark Twain." 'Nuff said.

Kevin Christiana is, so far, completely forgettable.

Jack Mackenroth will be a fan favorite. He's gorgeous and charming. What did he design again?

Steve Rosengard comes to the fashion world from the Museum of Science and Industry. He likes to keep things classic, he says, and pared down.

Ricky Lizalde cries within the first five minutes of the show (over fashion being so meaningful to him or something, yadda, yadda, yadda). He also omits such memorable phrases as, "I was hoar," (over hoarding fabrics); "I ran like a Mexican running to the border" (over running toward the fabrics), and "I was a cheerleader in high school" (really, ya think?) That being said, he creates an incredibly wearable baby-doll dress for the challenge that somehow finds its way into the bottom three.

"Sweet P" earned her quirky name during her time with an all-girl motorcycle club. And we completely forgot what she designed already.

Simple and classy Victorya Hong gives Rami a run for his money in the first challenge. Her elegant black, voluminous dress clearly impresses the judges. Like the challenge winner, she has an excellent shot at finding herself in Bryant Park if she keeps it up.

Elisa Jimenez is a former marionette maker, who looks more content to roll her expensive fabric around in the grass than actually spend time making an intricate design. She says she wants the train on her electric blue dress to "cascade like water or magic." Co-competitor Christian describes her as a "rain goddess woman in the Himalayan mountains." She finishes her dress hours before the others to take a nap. She sizes her model up with "hand-measuring" rather than using actual measurements. Heidi Klum says it looks like her model is "pooing fabric." This stuff is just too good to make up.

Simone LeBlanc uses words like "antiquated" to describe her designs. She's the first to be sent home. Coincidence? We think not.

The newest crop of designers and designer-wannabes look promising. We have pros to puppet makers, self-proclaimed "Queens" to former models themselves. This season is sure to bring a whole new set of catchphrases and fabulous clothes. And, as the first-to-go-home Simone said, "Life is way too short to have on a bad outfit."

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