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Recent Articles

Recent Articles
Jessica and her innate natural beauty and personality
A nice article on Jessica Alba by grocery at JessicaFans.
grocery, Thursday 14 July 2005
6.2 - 166 votes

Jessica & Paul Dive 'Into the Blue'
An article from ET Online about Jessica's upcomming movie 'Into the Blue'
June 29, 2005
admin, Wednesday 29 June 2005
5.7 - 92 votes

Rolling Stone Magazine Interview
The Body and Soul of Jessica Alba
An interview of Jessica Alba in the July 2005 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine. (credit: albaholics)
admin, Monday 27 June 2005
6.7 - 87 votes

On Screen Quotes
Selected on screen quotes by Jessica Alba
(from IMDB)
admin, Friday 17 June 2005
5.9 - 100 votes

GQ Magazine Interview
The Sinner - A nice Jessica Alba Interview from GQ Magazine
In the next four months, the cineplex nation will be treated to Jessica Alba working the pole as an at-risk stripper in Sin City, going deep as a skin diver in Into the Blue, and canoodling with the dark forces of the universe as one-quarter of the Fantastic Four. So if you were wondering what became of America’s favorite Dark Angel, fear not.
By Dave Gardetta
admin, Monday 23 May 2005
5.8 - 52 votes

Some Jessica Alba Trivia
compiled from IMDB + other sources
admin, Monday 23 May 2005
6.5 - 37 votes

Channel One Interview
An interesting interview with Jessica by Channel One (December 15, 2003)
A Channel One interview with Jessica about her new movie "Honey", her school experience, and how she stays in such good shape when she came to the Hacienda to anchor Channel One News. This was the time when Jessica-Alba.com was down and redirecting to presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich's site. The anchor Seth Doane asks her about this in the interview.
Date: December 15, 2003
By Stephanie L. Smith
admin, Saturday 21 May 2005
6.9 - 38 votes

Jessica enters the chatroom and some fans talk to her, pretty cool!
Jessica enters the chatroom and some fans talk to her, pretty cool, she answers a few questions, but eventually leaves and never comesback :(
admin, Saturday 14 May 2005
6.5 - 38 votes

Some facts about Jessica Alba
admin, Saturday 14 May 2005
6.5 - 40 votes

Maxim Interview
Sweet as Honey
Jessica Alba interview by Maxim Magazine after release of Honey, November 2003 By Robert Abele
Maxim, Tuesday 10 May 2005
6.2 - 26 votes

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